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Human-Centred Service Design for Governments and Public Sector Agencies

What We Make It

What We Make It™ is a user experience (UX) design agency specializing in government and public sector agency services. We collaborate with government and public sector team members, stakeholders, and citizens to reimagine the digital delivery of public services.

What We Believe

There is no one right way, there is onlyWhat We Make It

We believe that the best public service experiences are perpetually optimizing, matching service evolution with the pace of technological change and ever-evolving user expectations. The best service experiences cannot be prescribed or imposed, they must be co-created. They are the result of radical collaboration and a collective thirst for exploring the unknown. We believe that there isn’t one right way for a service to be designed to deliver the best possible user experience. There is only what we make it, together.

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Explore the intersections of creativity, technology, diversity, and user-centricity with our Pink Papers Series, tailored for Government audiences thinking about and implementing digital transformation. What We Make It Pink Papers highlight our approach and thinking on key aspects of Service Design practice, and offer insights to consider in your next project.

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Collaborating With Us

Rapid Service Co-Discovery

Are you looking to better understand your next service design challenge as you work to set project direction and finalize scope requirements? Are you looking to make the digital delivery of your services a more accessible and inclusive experience? Our Rapid Service Co-Discovery engagements are immersive experiences that get your teams rolling up their sleeves and co-creating with stakeholders at the critical stage of project formation.

Quickly gather user insights, uncover smarter ways of working, and harvest new ideas to take the user experience of your service to the next level.

Human-Centred Service Design

This is the bread and butter. Our core offering. Each engagement begins with a customized discovery process that immerses our team in the world of your users and stakeholders, working to better understand their needs, expectations, and requirements while working with them to co-create user-centred solutions. We then prototype, test, and iterate to arrive at comprehensive alpha-stage service designs and detailed user stories to power beta-phase service development.

We have worked extensively with the Governments of Nova Scotia and British Columbia, Canada to digitally enable departmental work processes and reimagine the digital delivery of a wide range of public services.

Our recent work has included:

  • Provincial certification registry
  • Online courtrooms (e-court)
  • Immigration services
  • Legal case management systems and services
  • Public purchasing service delivery

Additional information is available to prospective clients under protection of non-disclosure. Please contact us to learn more.

Government of Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia Department of Justice
  • Nova Scotia Office of Teacher Certification
  • Nova Scotia Procurement
  • Nova Scotia Workers Adviser’s Program
  • Nova Scotia Labour Standards
  • Nova Scotia Student Assistance
  • Nova Scotia Office of Immigration

Government of British Columbia

  • Ministry of Health
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Ministry of Citizens’ Services
  • Ministry of Post Secondary Education & Future Skills

Our Team

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with management consultants Barrington Consulting and Microsoft Gold Partner and 2021 Microsoft Security Partner of the Year, Bulletproof. The power of this collaboration has been instrumental in extending our service design expertise and broadening the impact of our work.

Barrington Consulting

Bulletproof a GLI Company

Contact Us

We’re excited to learn more about the work you’re doing to reimagine public service delivery and create better digital service experiences. Contact us today to explore collaboration.

If your project has advanced to an RFP stage, we invite you to send it along to us.

What We Make It™ is a human-centred UX design agency working with governments and public sector agencies to reimagine the digital delivery of public services.